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The Night Music

by Dave Ellingson


When your're livin' like a man

Who lives in the land

Of the midnight sun

Sleepin' all day to pass it away

Till the evening comes

When the shadows bring the lady

Once again to your room

And there's no record goin' around

But you start dancin' to the sound of the


 *Night music

   You're fallin' with the rain

   To a whirlpool at a drain

   And it's pulling you down

   Till your startin' to drown

   In the night music

   Night music


Livin' all alone

Tho' it's years since you've thrown

Your hat in the ring

And there's nobody dancin'

Nobody even askin'

If it's a part of a dream

Ev'ry night in your chair

On the smoke in the air

You're floatin' away

And as the walls are closin' around

You start movin' to the sound of the




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