JIMBO, Shigeru next planning Visual Image, Hawaiian Culture and Music


by Albert K. "Baba" Akiona


Hey little girl won't you come with me

We'll climb the branches of a mango tree

Laugh and sing happy as can be

We'll swing


Hey little girl, let's take a walk in the sand

We'll stroll the beach skipping hand in hand

And build a castle to a wonderland

We'll swing


*I am your guy and you are my gal

  Friends forever, buddies, pals

  Inseparable it's plain to see

  We'll be together for eternity


Hey teenage beauty in a snow white gown

Let's hit the prom and we'll boogie down

Jump in my car and we'll paint the town

We'll swing


Hey pretty baby can you come out tonight

We'll share some dinner under candlelight

I'll steal a kiss if the mood is right

We'll swing




Hey pretty lady will you marry me

We've been together since the mango tree

We'll stay together for eternity

And swing


Now we're together as a family

We watch our baby by the mango tree

She's with a boy happy as can be

They'll swing


They'll swing


対訳:神保 滋




イムアのセカンドアルバム「Live Aloha」収録。リリースは2000年。作曲はババ・アキオナ。たぶんハワイでだったと思うが、リリースの年に僕はCDを買って、この曲が大好きになった。まさか翌年に、イムア本人と知り合うなんて夢にも思わなかった。来日した彼ら(デイブ&ババ)のバックバンドをつとめた僕は、このスウィングを演奏した。懐かしいスウィートメモリーだ。






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