JIMBO, Shigeru next planning Visual Image, Hawaiian Culture and Music


by Nathan Hatico


Seabirds flew carelessly,

  in happy-go-lucky races

Won or lost so many times,

  in oh-so-many places

These children of the breeze

  call the blue sky their home

And if they go just where they please,

  they never seem to be alone


All along the sandy coast,

  the virgin seas where chuming

Trying to hide the restlessness

  of some eternal yearning

May be the memory of some sweet lover

  brought the tides up that day

Bringing back that lonely feeling

  that words just cannot say

Smetimes I feel like

  an ocean deep and wide

Just trying to flow on, and I can't hide





対訳:神保 滋






ジョージストリートのアルバム「Living On Daydreams」に収録。






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