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Ka Lehua ‘Ula

by Weldon Kekauoha


Aia lā ‘oe e ku‘u pua

Kuʻu pua lehua ‘ula o uka

Kau i ka uluwehi a‘o Panaʻewa

Milikaʻa e ka Inuwai


Ke ‘ike aku i ka nani ʻoia pua

Ala mai nei ka ‘iʻiwi pōlena

E mūkīkī ā kena i ka wai onaona

A pōniu i ke aloha


   I ke aheahe a ka makani

   Naue mālie me he ‘ahu ʻula

   Hea mai ana kou uʻi

   E kono mai nō

   I ʻaneʻi nō kāua

   A pili mau i ke aloha


Naʻu nō e hiʻipoe a liʻa nei

I kou aloha makamae, e kuʻu pua

‘O ‘oe nō kaʻu i manaʻo ai lā

Hōʻoni ana i ka puʻuwai


Eia ka puana a i lohe ‘ia

Kuʻu pua lehua ‘ula o uka

‘Aʻohe ona lua e like ai

Kīpuni mau i ka poli

<解説> ウェルドンの叔父に、リトル・ジョー・ケカウオハ(Joseph M. Kekauoha Jr .)がいる。ウェルドンは彼から音楽の影響を受けたという。 リトル・ジョー・ケカウオハは、ジョニー・スペンサー&コナ・コースターズのメンバーであり、ウクレレとボーカルを担当した。コナ・コースターズはマーティン・デニーのエキゾチック・サウンドを継承しているバンド。1959年にレコードを1枚リリースしている。リトル・ジョーは1982年に61才で亡くなっている。 以下はHarold K.L. Castle Foundationからの転載です。 Weldon Kekauoha grew up in a house filled with Hawaiian music and laughter, often combined, as was the case when he listened to recordings of his uncle "Little Joe" Kekauoha performing his hit song from the 1950s, "Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai." Surrounded by music and displaying his talent at a young age (he started playing ukulele at age four), it wasn't surprising that Weldon ended up a member of the legendary Honolulu Boy Choir when he was just 6 years old. He traveled with the choir throughout the mainland and in Mexico and Canada. As he grew, he matured as a singer and musician, but never forgot his roots. To this day he performs a song he first sang in the Honolulu Boy Choir: "The Queen's Jubilee," written by Queen Liliʻuokalani , on her return from a trip to England when she was still a princess. A graduate of Kalani High School, Weldon found work with Hawaiian Airlines and at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, but music continued to be a mainstay of his life. He was a member of the group Na Kane Pono (with Danny Kennedy, John Baricuatro Jr. and Joel "Kawehi" Kekauoha) when it won the Brown Bags to Stardom contest in 1985. He later moved to Seattle as part of his airline employment and attended the University of Washington. While in the northwest, he performed in a group called "Ke Awawa o Na Pilikua Elima" in Hawaii hangouts like "Lahaina Louie's" and "Ha'iku Gardens." Back in Hawaii, Weldon began a 14-year run as a Waikiki entertainer and, in 1995, married Rona Ching, who he met in Seattle. He continued to work for Hawaiian Airlines but also pursued his music with great success. With the release of his first album, "Hawaiian Man," he won the 2000 Na Hoku Hanohano award for most promising new artist. He was a member of the group Manao Company when it won Hokus in 2002 for Album of the Year, Single of the Year and Group of the Year for their album "Spread A Little Aloha." Focusing on a solo career while still performing with old high school friends like John Baricuatro Jr. from his Brown Bags days, Weldon released a solo album "Ka Lehua 'Ula" that solidified his place in the Hawaiian music community. Fittingly, for a musician who sees his life as a spiritual as well as musical journey, one of the songs on that album is entitled "Thank You Lord."






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