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I Miss You My Hawaiʻi

by Kenneth Makuakane


I hear the wind traveling down the Koʻolau

It touches my skin and makes me think of

How much I miss you, my Hawaiʻi

I breathe the fragrance of the yellow ginger lei

I look inside myself to find the words to say

How much I miss you, my Hawaiʻi


 *Everytime I stop to watch the moon dance

   across the early evening sky

   Everytime I hear a country tune I can see

   the shores of Waiʻanae

   Everytime I listen to my heart telling me

   it longs to go back home

   And it makes me want to

   Cause I miss you, my Love


I catch the glimmer of your face across the sky

I watch the setting sun and I begin to cry

Because I miss you, my Hawaiʻi

I rest my head upon the sands of Waikīkī

I close my eyes and I hear you calling me

How I miss you, my Hawaiʻi




~ solo




My Love


対訳:神保 滋











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