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He Aloha Mele

by Iva Kinimaka


He aloha mele, pretty hōkū

Sending down a special little twinkle for your brown eyes

Your pretty lovely brown eyes

In the still of the night all the stars are shining bright for your brown eyes


He aloha mele, e lohe i ka makani

Gentle breeze whispering haunting melodies to you softly

Whisper to you softly

Hear the winds through the trees singing sweet harmony to you softly


With the grace of her hands she can tell you that a star only glitters at the setting of the sunshine

With the grace of her hands she can tell you that the wind only blows when no mountain side is there to touch her


Now there's the sun and the moon talking stories telling tales about a new day

It's gonna be a nice day

Now the moon is shining bright and the sun will rise again to start a new day


He aloha mele


対訳:神保 滋



作者は、1960年代からワイキキのエンターテイナーとして活躍したアイヴァ・キニマカ。2016年8月4日に76歳で亡くなった。インターFMのDJであるVance Kが彼の番組の中で、アイヴァ・キニマカの訃報を伝えていた。







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