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Haole Hula

by R. Alex Anderson


Oh when I hear the strains of that sweet ʻAlekoki

And stealing from a far-off guitar Penei Nō

When Liliʻu Ē makes you sway in the moonlight

I know the reason why fair Hawaiʻi haunts you so


The lovely blue of sky and the sapphire of ocean

The flashing white of clouds and of waves foaming crest

The many shades of green from the plain to the mountain

With all the brightest hues of the rainbow we're blest


I hear the swish of rain as it sweeps down the valley

I hear the song of wind as it sighs through the trees

I hear the crash of waves on the rocks and the beaches

I hear the hissing surf and the boom of the seas


I love to dance and sing of the charms of Hawaiʻi

And from a joyful heart sing aloha to you

In every note I'll tell of the spell of my islands

For then I know that you'll be in love with them too







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