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E Hoʻi Nā Wai

by Cody Pueo Pata


E hoʻi nā wai māpunapuna wai

Kumu wai, poʻo wai

Wai makawai, wai pūnāwai

Wai ola a Kāne mā lāua ʻo Kanaloa


E hoʻi nā wai, wai o Ka Hiʻu Kā

Wai o Ka Hiʻu Kē, kikī nā wai

Pipiʻi nā wai, wai lapa wai

Wai hiʻolani, nohona wai a ka nakanaka


E hoʻi nā wai, ʻaleʻale nā wai

Wai ʻoniʻoni, wai hākoʻi

Holuholu nā wai, wai niniau

Wai ala wiliau nolo aʻi luna


E hoʻi nā wai,  pukana wehe wai

ʻOpi wai hewa wai, wai hanini

Holoholo nā wai, wai kahekahe

Ā puʻewai nā wai lau puapuaʻi


   He wai ē, he wai lā, he wai hoʻi

   I ola wai ai ka honua

   Ua kahe lā


対訳:神保 滋








This oli kāholo came at an odd time and place. I was stuck in traffic in my town of Kīhei on the Pi'ilani Highway. While between Kūlanihāko'i and Waipu'ilani, something started to come to me. I immediately pulled over and closed my eyes. The scene came to me of a dry bed of 'alaea that started to darken because it was getting damper and damper from below. Soon the 'alaea turned to mud, then to a puddle, and then into a pond. On and on until a large pool of churning water was seen. Suddenly, the banks of the pond on the ma kai side broke and all of the water rushed down in torrents to the sea.

I thought that dry Kīhei was an odd place to have such vivid visions of water. However, when I thought about it, many of the place names in that area concern water... Waiākoa, Kūlanihāko'i, Waipu'ilani, Waiōhuli, and Waimāha'iha'i just to name a few. All of these places are now extremely dry and their waters need to return. In the few moments from there to my house, my oli was complete save for the opening lines. After conferring with many kūpuna, the opening lines were finally inspired by Uncle Jay Jay Akiona of Kona. As soon as Kōmole was honored, the blessing was given and that is the oli upon my CD and the track from which my CD received its christening.

Fresh water has played very important roles in my evolu- tion as haumana of my kūpuna. Because of the personal importance of this oli to me, this is all that I feel comfortable with sharing at the present time (more will probably be revealed at a later date).

There are many allusions to many things found within this kāholo. A serious subject of Hawaiiana will be able to dig deeper and find many of them... and maybe even a few unintended ones of their own. Such is the beauty of the Hawaiian composition.

May the waters of inquisition rise and cause you to seek the hidden knowledge of things mysterious to you for that is the way of our kūpuna.







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